The Cloud Data Center Management Solution

Unique features that make OpenNebula your cloud management platform


Fully open-source (not open-core) software released under the Apache license


Highly customizable to fit into your data center and leverage existing IT investments


Mature, widely used, 5,000 downloads per month, and many massive scale production deployments


Innovative, advanced enterprise-class functionality for private clouds and data center virtualization


Choice of interfaces, from open cloud, like OCCI, to de-facto standards, like AWS

 No Lock-in

Broad infrastructure support and platform independent on major hypervisors, VMware, KVM and Xen

 Very Light

Highly efficient, easy to install and update, with packages for the main Linux distributions


Your scalable and stable enterprise cloud in a single install with community and commercial support

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OpenNebula 3.6 Now Available with Many New Innovative Features

Our Users are the Industry & Research Leaders

Some of our featured users building the most innovative and largest clouds in the world

An Active and Engaged Community

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