OpenNebula 3.2.1

January 30th, 2012. After 2 weeks from OpenNebula 3.2 release, the OpenNebula project announces the general availability of OpenNebula 3.2.1. This is a maintenance release that collects all the great feedback received since 3.2 release.

This release only includes bug fixes and is a recommended update for everyone running any 3.x.

Check out the OpenNebula 3.2 release notes for the release highlights and a summary of the new features incorporated in OpenNebula 3.2.

Bug Fixed in OpenNebula 3.2.1

Important bugs solved in 3.2.1 release include (see for a complete list):

  • Close connections for Virtual Network drivers
  • Fix cache issues: changing owners of objects, and Users, Groups and Hosts
  • IMAGE/SOURCE is now a restricted attribute to prevent security issues.
  • Better handling of image removal from repository
  • Fix Accounting for non-history VMs
  • Fix Quota system for Ruby 1.8.7
  • Fixes in OpenNebula UIs, including Sunstone, Self-Service portal and Zones
  • Fix in EC2 signature generation to support paths

Migrating from OpenNebula 3.0 or 3.2

OpenNebula 3.2.1 is totally compatible with OpenNebula 3.2. To upgrade from OpenNebula 3.2 simply upgrade the system with the onedb tool as described in the upgrade process.

OpenNebula 3.2.1 is API compatible with OpenNebula 3.0, so you should expect that applications, and drivers developed for 3.0 to work with this release, with the exception of custom authentication drivers. A detailed upgrade process can be found in the documentation.

For a complete set of changes to migrate from a 3.0 installation please refer to the Compatibility Guide. You should also read this document if you are an OpenNebula 3.0 user.

Getting the Software

OpenNebula is released under the Apache 2.0 open source license. The complete source tree and binary packages for OpenNebula can be downloaded here.

Please report any bug or send feedback at the development portal or at the mailing list.


The documentation of OpenNebula 3.2.1 can be found here.


The OpenNebula project would like to thank the community for their effort and valuable feedback that made possible this release.

About OpenNebula

More information about the project can be found at the project web page. You may be also interested in checking the OpenNebula Ecosystem that includes many interesting projects contributed by the community to enhance or add new features to OpenNebula.