OpenNebula 3.6 Beta Release

The OpenNebula project is proud to announce the availability of the beta release of OpenNebula 3.6 (Lagoon).

OpenNebula 3.6 features a new hotplug mechanism for disk volumes that supports attaching either volatile volumes or existing images to a running VM. Also for OpenNebula 3.6 we have re-written from scratch the Quota and Accounting tools, so now they are included in the OpenNebula core to enhance their integration with the existing AuthZ & AuthN mechanisms and other related tools (e.g. Sunstone). There are some other new features like VM rescheduling, hard reboots, cloning of disk images…

OpenNebula 3.6 also features improvements in other systems, especially in Sunstone’s interface with the redesign of several tabs as well as in the OpenNebula Zones where we got rid of the datamapper dependency to ease the packaging of OpenNebula.

Last but not least, OpenNebula 3.6 is fully integrated with the new OpenNebula Marketplace. Any user of an OpenNebula cloud can very easily find and deploy virtual appliances through familiar tools like the SunStone GUI or the OpenNebula CLI. The OpenNebula Marketplace is also of the interest of any software developer to quickly distribute a new appliance, making it available to all OpenNebula deployments worldwide.

With this beta release, OpenNebula Lagoon enters feature freeze and we’ll concentrate on fixing bugs and smoothing some rough edges. This release is aimed at testers and developers to try the new features. As usual OpenNebula releases are named after a Nebula. The Lagoon Nebula (also known as M8, or NGC 6523) is a giant interstellar cloud in the constellation Sagittarius.

Thanks the community members and users who have contributed to this software release by being active with the discussions, answering user questions, or providing patches for bugfixes, features and documentation.

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