OpenNebula 3.6.3 - Incremental Release Notes

OpenNebulaPro 3.6.3 (build 4e0bc29) is maintenance release of the OpenNebulaPro 3.6 series, bringing the already tested, latest functionality of OpenNebula community to the Pro version. The functionality of this release is described in the Release Notes of OpenNebula 3.6.

NOTE ! There is a known issue with the upgrade process. Please copy the attached file (3.6.2_to_3.6.3.rb) to /usr/lib/one/ruby/onedb before initiating the upgrade process.

NOTE ! This version changes the default placement of the VM directories from /var/lib/one to /var/lib/one/vms. The upgrade process will provide appropriate instructions.

Issues Solved since OpenNebulaPro 3.6.2

  • Feature #1474: Support resubmit action in all possible states
  • Feature #1551: Provide a configuration option for the VM transfer files
  • Bug #1495: Sunstone tries to write in /etc/one, and crashes
  • Bug #1601: Non-Persistant Image overwritten with TM SAVE
  • Fix websockify install script 

Additional Issues Solved since OpenNebula 3.6.0 (community version)

  • Bug #1415: Sunstone Vnet creation dialog does not set VLAN option
  • Bug #1402: Wrong parsing of float values from IM
  • Bug #1400: After a migration fails the history records reach an inconsistent state
  • Bug #1397: Document::TYPE must be defined in the child class
  • Bug #1396: Wrong method to retrieve the public key in oneuser key command
  • Bug #1395: LVM delete contains typos
  • Bug #1392: VMware Datastore doesn't support clone action
  • Bug #1367: VM failure because erroneous deployment file entry for the context CD gets written
  • Bug #1335: OpenNebula should not free host resources for suspended VMs
  • Bug #1340: Sunstone user dashboard does not display network quota correctly
  • Bug #1344: Handle CLI output of many lines to a pipe
  • Bug #1347: CPU quotas seems to not support float values
  • Bug #1351: iSCSI commands fail on some distributions
  • Bug #1354: Sunstone should handle errors when the Marketplace is not accesible
  • Bug #1358: LVM drivers do not copy the image to the lv
  • Bug #1363: Invalid memory or CPU values are not detected
  • Bug #1373: VMware volatile disks do not work