OpenNebula 3.6.1 - Incremental Release Notes

OpenNebulaPro 3.6.1 (build 27311f1) is the first release of the OpenNebulaPro 3.6 series, bringing the already tested, latest functionality of OpenNebula community to the Pro version. The new functionality is described in the Release Notes of OpenNebula 3.6. This release includes patches for the following bugs solved since the OpenNebula 3.6.0 community version was released. These are:

  • Bug #1335: OpenNebula should not free host resources for suspended VMs
  • Bug #1340: Sunstone user dashboard does not display network quota correctly
  • Bug #1344: Handle CLI output of many lines to a pipe
  • Bug #1347: CPU quotas seems to not support float values
  • Bug #1351: iSCSI commands fail on some distributions
  • Bug #1354: Sunstone should handle errors when the Marketplace is not accesible
  • Bug #1358: LVM drivers do not copy the image to the lv
  • Bug #1363: Invalid memory or CPU values are not detected
  • Bug #1373: VMware volatile disks do not work
  • Fix econe-*-addresses output
  • Change default marketplace endpoint