OpenNebula 3.4 Pre-release 1 (3.3.0)

February 21st, 2011. The OpenNebula project announces the general availability of the first pre-release of OpenNebula 3.4. This pre-release solves minor issues in several OpenNebula components and includes some new features. Specially in Sunstone and in the cloud servers (EC2Query and OCCI).

The aim of the new functionality for 3.4 is to improve the storage subsystem. OpenNebula 3.4 will feature multiple data-stores and several new back-ends for storage. Some of this is already in the repository although it has not been included in this release. Stay tuned for this and much more in OpenNebula 3.4!

What's New in OpenNebula 3.3.0

In the following list you can check the highlights of 3.3 by component, a detailed list of changes can be found here:

OpenNebula Core

This release includes minor changes in OpenNebula core:

  • Restricted attributes, OpenNebula 3.2 allows administrator to restrict the usage of potentially insecure attributes. These attributes can now be customized in the OpenNebula configuration file.
  • XML Templates, Any XML-RPC method now supports XML templates (apart from the traditional ones). You can now create networks, VMs, images using XML documents, where the elements are the template attributes (see the -x output of any one* CLI command for an example)

OpenNebula 3.4 also includes minor bug fixes and enhancements.

SunStone & Self Service Portal

There are several new features in the GUI applications:

  • Support for VNC in Self-Service Portal, same functionality as in Sunstone. This can be disabled in the configuration file.
  • Secure Web Sockets for the VNC proxys.
  • Upload of Images in Sunstone, and several performance improvements in this area.
  • Improved Virtual Network Dialog, that now includes VLAN options.
  • Parametric VM instantiation

Cloud Servers

The EC2 Query server includes a improved support for SSL proxys as well as custom paths. Also the OCCI server has been improved to include user/group information in resources and extended information of resources.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

OpenNebula 3.3 includes an improved EC2 hybrid driver, to support most of the EC2 features like tags, security groups or VPC.

Migrating from OpenNebula 3.2

OpenNebula 3.3 is API compatible with OpenNebula 3.x, so you should expect that applications and drivers developed for 3.x work with this release, with the exception of custom authentication drivers. A detailed upgrade process upgrade can be found in the documentation.

For a complete set of changes to migrate from a 3.x installation please refer to the Compatibility Guide. You should also read this document if you are an OpenNebula 3.x user.

Getting the Software

OpenNebula is released under the Apache 2.0 open source license. The complete source tree and binary packages for OpenNebula can be downloaded here.

Please report any bug or send feedback at the development portal or at the mailing list.


The documentation of OpenNebula 3.4 can be found here. The documents are in a development state so watch out, and do not hesitate to ask in the mailing list.


The OpenNebula project would like to thank the community for their effort and valuable feedback that made possible this release, and specially to Patrice Lachance for his contribution to improve the EC2 hybrid driver.

About OpenNebula

More information about the project can be found at the project web page. You may be also interested in checking the OpenNebula Ecosystem that includes many interesting projects contributed by the community to enhance or add new features to OpenNebula.