OpenNebula 3.2.2 - Incremental Release Notes

OpenNebulaPro 3.2.2 (build f10e852) is a maintenance release of the OpenNebulaPro 3.2 series that brings the bug fixes backported from OpenNebula 3.4 (Wild Duck) to the Pro version. The functionality offered by this release is described in the Release Notes.

This release includes patches for the following bugs solved since the OpenNebulaPro 3.2.1 version was released. These are:

  • Bug #834: Clean ACL rules after a user or group is deleted
  • Bug #1017: Serious performance issue with onevm list
  • Bug #1094: Gems Installation failed from source (xmlparser)
  • Bug #1110: Add VMware option in the add host dialog in Sunstone
  • Bug #1113: Default quota keys must be specified in uppecase
  • Bug #1114: econe client should set the default path '/' if not specified
  • Bug #1121: Poll asynchronous xm destroy 
  • Bug #1123: Sunstone monitoring information should be filtered by user
  • Bug #1130: Time periods are incorrectly shown in CLI
  • Bug #1146: Create VDC when no zones are defined throws JS error
  • Bug #1161: toggle volume persistence fails in sunstone
  • Bug #1165: Wrong monitoring of VM when in paused state always leading to failed state
  • Bug #1168: oZones does not parse error information correctly
  • Bug #1170: ImageManagerDriver::protocol is using a not initialised string to log RM errors
  • Bug #1174: check that the SOURCE attribute is properly set before executing oneimage delete
  • Bug #1175: Failure when doing successive suspend (or stop)
  • Bug #1178: Network rollback can free IPs that are actually in use by other VM
  • Bug #1182: Change mkisofs to genisoimage