Technology Preview #2 - Incremental Release Notes

This second Technology Preview aims to show the progress made into ONE since its first release. Emphasis was made on drivers configuration and management of both physical resources and virtual machines.


  • Improved Command Line Interface
    • Added top option to onevm and onehost
    • Added data filtering capabilities
    • and more …
  • Enhanced Host Management
  • Consolidation of the HostShare concept: logical partition of a Host that will allow a flexible configuration of cluster resources
  • Enabling/Disabling options for hosts
  • Enhanced Virtual Machines Management
  • Possibility to delete failed VMs
  • New option in onevm to view VM history
  • New attributes in the VM Template
  • Driver configuration interface
  • The user has the ability perform tasks before drivers are loaded and she can pass options to them
  • Configuration can be done both using a common (affecting all drivers) and a specific file for each driver.
  • Improved and new developer resources
    • Internal Architecture
    • Client API


  • Fixed CLI bug manifested when DB is locked
  • Fixed bug calculating free cpu in onehost
  • Flex/bison building now optional, was error prone.