OpenNebula 4.0 Released

The fourth generation of OpenNebula is the result of seven years of continuous innovation in close collaboration with its users

The OpenNebula Project is proud to announce the fourth major release of its widely deployed OpenNebula cloud management platform, a fully open-source enterprise-grade solution to build and manage virtualized data centers and enterprise clouds. OpenNebula 4.0 (codename Eagle) brings valuable contributions from many of its thousands of users that include leading research and supercomputing centers like FermiLab, NASA, ESA and SARA; and industry leaders like Blackberry, China Mobile, Dell, Cisco, Akamai and Telefonica O2.

OpenNebula is used by many enterprises as an open, flexible alternative to vCloud on their VMware-based data center. OpenNebula is a drop-in replacement to the VMware’s cloud stack that additionally brings support for multiple hypervisors and broad integration capabilities to leverage existing IT investments and keep existing operational processes. As an enterprise-class product, OpenNebula offers an upgrade path so all existing users can easily migrate their production and experimental environments to the new version.

OpenNebula 4.0 includes new features in most of its subsystems. It shows for the first time a completely redesigned Sunstone, with a fresh and modern look. A whole new set of operations are available for virtual machines like system and disk snapshotting, capacity re-sizing, programmable VM actions, NIC hotplugging and IPv6 among others. The OpenNebula backend has been also improved with the support of new datastores, like Ceph, and new features for the VMware, KVM and Xen hypervisors. The Project continues with its complete support to de-facto and open standards, like Amazon and Open Cloud Computing APIs.

“OpenNebula 4.0 is the realization of a vision of simplicity, openness, code-correctness and a sysadmin-centric approach”, said Ruben S. Montero, Chief Architect of OpenNebula. “OpenNebula is the only open-source cloud management platform that is ready for the enterprise, without having to install any add-on or enterprise extension, and with direct support from its developers”, said Ignacio M. Llorente, Director of OpenNebula.

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