OpenNebula 3.8 Released

OpenNebula brings the most solid, powerful and flexible open-source alternative to proprietary management platforms for building enterprise clouds

The OpenNebula Project is proud to announce the thirteen stable release of its fully open-source, widely-used cloud platform for managing data center's virtual infrastructures. OpenNebula 3.8 (Twin Jet) brings valuable contributions from many industry members of its large user community, including new innovative features developed by China Mobile and Research in Motion for their flagship deployments serving millions of users.

Twin Jet enhances its AWS and OCCI API implementations and the integration with VMware and KVM, which are the most widely used hypervisors in OpenNebula clouds. OpenNebula 3.8 additionally seamlessly integrates with the new virtual router in the OpenNebula marketplace and brings new features in the Sunstone and Self-service portals. An important effort has been made to distribute the software with the same packaging formats as those used by the main Linux distributions.

“The tight integration with VMware and the support for virtual data centers provision, cloudbursting and clustering make OpenNebula the most powerful open-source alternative to proprietary cloud management platforms”, said Ruben S. Montero, Chief Architect of OpenNebula. “This release incorporates innovative features from the flagship cloud deployments of many industry and research leaders that contribute to OpenNebula”, said Ignacio M. Llorente, Director of OpenNebula.

OpenNebula delivers the most feature-rich, customizable and open solution to build enterprise virtualized data centers and private clouds on Xen, KVM and VMware. OpenNebula is an active project with a very large user base, with more than 5,000 downloads per month and thousands of deployments that include leading research centers like CERN, FermiLab and ESA; supercomputing centers like SARA and NCHC; telecom operators like RIM, China Mobile and Telefonica O2; and integrators like Logica, Engineering and KPMG.

C12G Labs, the company behind the project, delivers a commercial distribution of OpenNebula for organizations looking for a certified, long-term supported platform. OpenNebula and C12G are trademarks of C12G Labs. All other company and product names mentioned are used only for identification purposes and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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