OpenNebula 3.2 Released

OpenNebula 3.2 is the most feature-rich enterprise-class open-source software for comprehensive management of virtualized data centers based on Xen, KVM and VMware.

The OpenNebula Project is proud to announce the release of a new stable version of its widely deployed open-source management platform for enterprise data center virtualization. OpenNebula 3.2 is the first stable distribution produced by OpenNebula’s new release cycle aimed at faster delivery of new features and innovations to the community, based on their requirements and feedback, while also increasing technical quality.

“The most recent requirements of organizations building large scale production environments have been the driving force behind all our development and innovation efforts in OpenNebula 3.2”, said Ignacio M. Llorente, Director of the OpenNebula Project. “Most of these organzations are using OpenNebula as an enterprise-ready open-source alternative to proprietary cloud solutions”.

OpenNebula 3.2 brings important benefits to cloud providers with a new easily-customizable self-service portal for cloud consumers, and builders with full support for VMware that now includes live migration, advanced contextualization and image management. The new release additionally includes important enhancements in networking and security.

“This new update of OpenNebula brings the highest levels of flexibility, stability, scalability and functionality for VMware-based data centers and clouds in the open-source domain”, said Ruben S. Montero, Chief Architect of the OpenNebula Project. “While avoiding vendor lock-in, OpenNebula 3.2 provides an open management platform that compares to vCenter and vCloud, that can moreover be adapted to fit into your environment”.

C12G Labs, the company behind the open-source project, delivers a commercial distribution of OpenNebula for business, government, or other organizations looking for a hardened, certified, supported cloud platform. OpenNebulaPro combines the rapid innovation of open-source with the stability and long-term production support of commercial software.

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