Ebtables 3.4

This guide describes how to enable Network isolation provided through ebtables rules applied on the bridges. This method will only permit isolation with a mask of


This hook requires ebtables to be available in all the OpenNebula Hosts.

Considerations & Limitations

Although this is the most easily usable driver, since it doesn't require any special hardware or any software configuration, it lacks the ability of sharing IPs amongst different VNETs, that is, if an VNET is using leases of, another VNET can't be using IPs in the same network.


Hosts Configuration

  • The package ebtables must be installed in the hosts.
  • The sudoers file must be configured so oneadmin can execute ebtables in the hosts.

OpenNebula Configuration

To enable this driver, use ebtables as the Virtual Network Manager driver parameter when the hosts are created with the onehost command:

$ onehost create host01 im_kvm vmm_kvm tm_shared ebtables

Driver Actions

Action Description
Pre -
Post Creates EBTABLES rules in the Host where the VM has been placed.
Clean Removes the EBTABLES rules created during the Post action.


The driver will be automatically applied to every Virtual Machine deployed in the Host. Only the virtual networks with the attribute VLAN set to YES will be isolated. There are no other special attributes required.

NAME    = "ebtables_net"
TYPE    = "fixed"
BRIDGE  = vbr1
VLAN    = "YES"
LEASES = ...

Tuning & Extending


This section lists the EBTABLES rules that are created:

# Drop packets that don't match the network's MAC Address
-s ! <mac_address>/ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:0 -o <tap_device> -j DROP 
# Prevent MAC spoofing
-s ! <mac_address> -i <tap_device> -j DROP