Logging & Debugging 3.0

OpenNebula keeps separate log files for each active component, all of them stored in /var/log/one. To help users and administrators find and solve problems, they can also access some of the error messages from the CLI or the Sunstone GUI.

Log Files

There are different log files corresponding to different OpenNebula components:

  • ONE Daemon: The core component of OpenNebula dumps all its logging information onto /var/log/one/oned.log. Its verbosity is regulated by DEBUG_LEVEL in /etc/one/oned.conf.
  • Scheduler: All the scheduler information is collected into the /var/log/one/sched.log file.
  • Virtual Machines: The information specific of the VM will be dumped in the log file /var/log/one/<vmid>.log. All VMs controlled by OpenNebula have their folder, /var/lib/one/<VID>. You can find the following information in it:
    • Deployment description files : Stored in “deployment.<EXECUTION>”, where <EXECUTION> is the sequence number in the execution history of the VM (deployment.0 for the first host, deployment.1 for the second and so on).
    • Transfer description files : Stored in “transfer.<EXECUTION>.<OPERATION>”, where <EXECUTION> is the sequence number in the execution history of the VM, <OPERATION> is the stage where the script was used, e.g. transfer.0.prolog, transfer.0.epilog, or transfer.1.cleanup.
    • Save images: Stored in images/ sub-directory, images are in the form disk.<id>.
    • Restore files : check-pointing information is also stored in this directory to restore the VM in case of failure. The state information is stored in a file called checkpoint.
  • Drivers: Each driver can have activated its ONE_MAD_DEBUG variable in their RC files (see the Drivers configuration section for more details). If so, error information will be dumped to /var/log/one/name-of-the-driver-executable.log; log information of the drivers is in oned.log.

Virtual Machine Errors

Virtual Machine errors can be checked by the owner or an administrator using the onevm show output:

$ onevm show 0
VIRTUAL MACHINE 0 INFORMATION                                                   
ID                  : 0                   
NAME                : one-0               
USER                : oneadmin            
GROUP               : oneadmin            
STATE               : FAILED              
LCM_STATE           : LCM_INIT            
START TIME          : 07/19 17:44:20      
END TIME            : 07/19 17:44:31      
DEPLOY ID           : -                   

VIRTUAL MACHINE MONITORING                                                      
NET_TX              : 0                   
NET_RX              : 0                   
USED MEMORY         : 0                   
USED CPU            : 0                   

VIRTUAL MACHINE TEMPLATE                                                        
  TARGET=hdb ]
  MESSAGE="Error excuting image transfer script: Error copying /tmp/some_file to /var/lib/one/0/images/isofiles",
  TIMESTAMP="Tue Jul 19 17:44:31 2011" ]

VIRTUAL MACHINE HISTORY                                                         
 SEQ        HOSTNAME REASON           START        TIME       PTIME
   0          host01   erro  07/19 17:44:31 00 00:00:00 00 00:00:00

Here the error tells that it could not copy a file, most probably it does not exist.

Alternatively you can also check the log files for the VM at /var/log/one/<vmid>.log.

Host Errors

Host errors can be checked executing the onehost show command:

$ onehost show 1
HOST 1 INFORMATION                                                              
ID                    : 1                   
NAME                  : host01              
STATE                 : ERROR               
IM_MAD                : im_kvm              
VM_MAD                : vmm_kvm             
TM_MAD                : tm_shared              

HOST SHARES                                                                     
MAX MEM               : 0                   
USED MEM (REAL)       : 0                   
USED MEM (ALLOCATED)  : 0                   
MAX CPU               : 0                   
USED CPU (REAL)       : 0                   
USED CPU (ALLOCATED)  : 0                   
RUNNING VMS           : 0                   

MONITORING INFORMATION                                                          
  MESSAGE="Error monitoring host 1 : MONITOR FAILURE 1 Could not update remotes",
  TIMESTAMP="Tue Jul 19 17:17:22 2011" ]

The error message appears in the ERROR value of the monitoring. To get more information you can check /var/log/one/oned.log. For example for this error we get in the log file:

Tue Jul 19 17:17:22 2011 [InM][I]: Monitoring host host01 (1)
Tue Jul 19 17:17:22 2011 [InM][I]: Command execution fail: scp -r /var/lib/one/remotes/. host01:/var/tmp/one
Tue Jul 19 17:17:22 2011 [InM][I]: ssh: Could not resolve hostname host01: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
Tue Jul 19 17:17:22 2011 [InM][I]: lost connection
Tue Jul 19 17:17:22 2011 [InM][I]: ExitCode: 1
Tue Jul 19 17:17:22 2011 [InM][E]: Error monitoring host 1 : MONITOR FAILURE 1 Could not update remotes

From the execution output we notice that the host name is not know, probably a mistake naming the host.